We've come a long way in the industry that has been constantly growing and evolving. Sun Barrier™ has set the standard for excellent service and professionalism in the tinting industry. We offer a comprehensive range of window tinted film products for automotive cars, residential homes and office buildings.

We are also currently one of the first innovative smart film and smart glass distributor in Malaysia, working with clients from different industries and partnerships with dealers, runners and architects.


Our purpose is to create good connections between people and the environment while continuing to grow our business to be recognized as the best window tint/film company in Asia. We want to be able to serve all of our clients and partners by in creating good products, impeccable service and to establish good relationships overall.

In a nutshell, we aim to make a difference in your life and to be a part of the improvement process and we know that our window films can contribute in making your day just a little better and more comfortable.


- Free recce/site visits and measuring services
- Free samples and quotations
- Free consultations and recommendations
- Installation services for automotive, residential and commercial buildings
- Product presentations for projects